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Department of Political Science (POLS)

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Department of Women's Studies (WS)

  • Professor
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Non-College Affiliations

Hawai'i branch of the International Dyslexia Association (HIDA)

  • Title: Member - Board of Directors
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I grew up and went to school in what novelist William Gass calls "the heart of the heart of the country." My family lived on a farm in central Indiana. I went to Purdue University for my undergraduate degree, first studying to be a veterinarian but soon becoming fascinated, mostly because of the inspired teaching of a single brilliant professor, with political theory. I was there from 1968-1972, exciting times to be a student, even in the conservative midwest. I completed my Ph.D. in political science, with supporting programs in philosophy and history, at the University of Minnesota, where, with the support of my very open-minded advisor, I wrote the first dissertation on women or feminism in that department.

After graduate school I taught for nine years at Siena College in Albany, New York, then came to the University of Hawai`i as a visiting professor in 1985. I found Hawai`i to be a great place to do political theory, so I stayed. In spring of 1999 I held a Fulbright appointment at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel, and have also taught at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna, Austria, and the University of Gotenberg in Gotenberg, Sweden. I hold a joint appointment in Political Science and Women's Studies. In fall, 2015, I am teaching at Roehampton University in London through UH's Study Abroad Program. When I return in January, 2016, I will take up the position of Chair of the Department of Political Science. I have also become involved in the Hawai`i branch of the International Dyslexia Association, in which I serve as a committee member and as a tutor for dyslexic children and adults.


My central research interests are contemporary political theory, feminist theory, and militarism.

I recently published a book entitled Emma Goldman: Political Thinking in the Streets (Rowman and Littlefield, 2011). My work on Goldman reflects a longstanding fascination with her anarchist and feminist ideas and actions at the turn of the last century. The research for that book led me to find many hundreds of other anarchist women, most of whom are not well known; my next book, Anarchist Women in the First Wave, will investigate these women's neglected contributions to radical politics. For a preview of these women, with brief biographies and photos, see "Emma Goldman's Women" on my website:

I also study homeschooling, largely as a result of my year of homeschooling my sons while traveling in the U.S. mainland and Israel.

With my co-author Phyllis Turnbull, I continue to work on questions of gender and militarism in Hawai'i.

Riding horses, playing the ukulele, reading mystery novels, hiking, and going to the beach.


POLS 200 (Spring 2017) : Reading and Writing Political Science - Download

WS 613 (Spring 2017) : Feminist Research Methods - Download

WS WS 613 (Spring 2017) : Feminist Research Methods - Download

POLS 335 (Spring 2016) : Political Theory in Star Trek (History of Political Thought) - Download

POLS Pols335 (Spring 2015) : Political Theory in Star Trek - Download

WS WS 620 (Fall 2014) : Intersectionality - Download

WS 304 (Fall 2011) : Women, War and the Military - Download


Anarchist Presses and Printers: Material Circuits of Power (2014)
  Type: Articles in international or national refereed journals

Emma Goldman: Political Thinking in the Streets (2011) : This book discusses Emma Goldman's political thinking and connects her to the larger anarchist movement and other movements of which she was a part.
  Type: Books of original scholarship–author/co-author
  Keywords: Goldman, anarchism, publics, feminist theory

Research Projects

Teaching American History Grant (2007 - ) : Planning, preparing, researching and conducting SOCS 496 with the College of Education and the Department of Education; developing project website; encouraging undergraduates to consider a career in teaching.
  Type: Non-research