Hawaii & UHM Timeline

Key: Hawaii, UHM

1885 First large group of Japanese contract laborers arrive in Hawaii to work on Sugar Cane Plantation
1887 King Kalakaua forced to sign new constitution which forced his cabinet to step down and allows new cabinet to write new constitution which striped Hawaiian monarchy of power, disenfranchised Asians and poor workers
1891 King Kalakaua dies in San Francisco; Lydia Kamakaeha becomes Queen Liliuokalani
1893 Hawaiian monarchy overthrown by haole government officials, American businessmen, especially sugar plantation owners.
1895 Queen formally forced to abdicate the throne
1898 Congress passes Newlands Resolution which annexes Hawaii as a territory with Dole as governor

First workers arrive from Puerto Rico and Okinawa to work on plantations

1902 First Korean workers arrive in Hawaii to work on plantations

First pineapple is canned to withstand shipping to mainland U.S.

1905 First plantations workers arrive from Phillipines
1907 Territorial government signs legislation to establish College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts

Five freshmen and five prepatory students along with 14 faculty begin first semester at Thomas Square

1909 Japanese workers strike on the plantation
1910 Moana Hotel built
1912 Hawaiian Pineapple Packers Association Research station established (Pine Research Institute)
1912 First degrees handed out; 2 in science, 1 in agriculture, 1 in engineering Campus moves from Thomas Square to Manoa
1924 Labor riots in Hanapepe, Kauai; 16 workers and 4 police are killed

Territorial Normal and Training School becomes part of University

1934 Varney Memorial Fountain is completed
1936 First passenger airplane to Hawaii brings tourists
1939 Hemenway Hall opens-- the first student union
1941 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor; U.S. enters WWII. Scofield Barracks becomes the largest U.S. army base in the world
1941 Classes cancelled for 2 months following bombing of Pearl Harbor

Students of Japanese ancestry form Varsity Victory Volunteers who assist in civil defense

1943 Hawaii men of Japanese ancestry gain permission to join the 442nd

Tsunami hits Hilo , killing over 100 people and costing $25 million in damage


Newly unionized sugar plantation workers strike

1948 Enrollment doubles to 5,000-- students studying under GI bill
1952 Frear Hall opens, a female dormitory for 144 students

Congress passes Hawaii Admission Act to admit Hawaii at a state

1966 Hawaii 's first planned Parenthood Clinic opens
1067 One million visitors make Hawaii their destination

ILWU pineapple workers strike on pineapple plantation


Students stage a sit-in at Bachman Hall to protest the Vietnam War


Hawaii becomes first state to decriminalize abortions

1973 Hawaii is the first state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution-- but not enough other states followed suit, and women in the U.S. still have no constitutional claim to equal rights

Under Gender Equity, first full-time directory for women's sports-- Donnis Thompson

1986 Five million visitors make Hawaii their destination

Dole Fresh Produce shuts down in Iwilei cannery

1992 Hurricane Iniki hits Kauai causing vast destruction

Congress passes ‘Apology Resolution' which apologizes to Native Hawaiians


Last sugar plantation on the island of Hawaii closes


Classes and performances close due to 13 day faculty strike

2003 Legacy Path is dedicated

Water gushes through campus leaving Hamilton library is flooded, campus is canceled for 2 days

2007 Year-to-date visitors to Hawaii at 2,365,045 people