The Mall, UHM Campus 2007/UHM Campus in 1910

Aloha, and welcome to the University of Hawaii at Manoa! The Women’s Studies Program invites you to learn more about the first century of women at UH. Read profiles of distinguished faculty and alumnae, try our walking tour (in person or online), check the timeline, and look at the material about women’s bodies in relation to the university. We also invite you to send us your story as we look forward to posting more accounts of what life at UH was like for women here between 1907 and 2008.

Which woman professor is commemorated right in the heart of the campus? Who was the first student to earn a graduate degree at the “College of Hawaii,” and what is her extraordinary story? What queen is associated with the Manoa campus and why? Which building was constructed with a moat surrounding it? What categories were used in the long-ago beauty pageants held by students? Where are the stone statues that speak Japanese? Which U.S. President’s wife planted trees here?

Putting women at the forefront as we explore the collaboration and competition of diverse women and men working together, our website will guide you through UH past and present. We hope you enjoy discovering the history of women at UH, an often secret history that is sometimes hidden in plain sight!

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