Personal Stories

Mary Dillingham Frear

This page is still under going construction and we need your to help build it! Are you a UH alum who was a former UH pageant star? Perhaps you also experienced a haunting by Mary Frear? Was the first woman in your family to attend UH? If you, or someone you know has a story to tell, especially about women at UH, we'd like to hear about it! Stories will be read and posted on this website, and you have the right to withhold your name, or remain anonymous. We'd love to know when you (or a loved one) attended UH Manoa and your side of the story! So help us out, and make the story of women at UH come alive for all of us. Dust off those yearbooks, rethink those stories, bother some of your grandparents and send us an email at: If you have any questions, ask us in the email, and we'd be glad to answer them.